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Stuart Duffin
Printing & Painting

Stuart Duffin RE RSA

Artist’s statement

In 1996 I was invited to work in Jerusalem at the Jerusalem Print Workshop for a month as part of an international artists exchange with the Glasgow Print Studio. Although Jerusalem is the closest that we can get to heaven of our own accord, nowhere more than in the Holy City did I experience the loss of paradise, or our separation from God in a more painfully obvious way. This is a loss or a searching that I believe remains deep within the make up of each one of us. All my work since then has been a result of the experiences, thoughts and memories of Jerusalem.

The work is, on one hand, a simple still life of familiar (to me) everyday objects. But on the other hand there is symbolism attached to them. It is a personal symbolism but not so personal that the viewer cannot enter in to it. The old maps and modern views of Jerusalem, central to the whole body of my work, represents the view that the welfare of Jerusalem is a barometer to our own spiritual welfare, not only as individuals but of society as a whole.


1959 Born in the United Kingdom
1982 Graduated in fine art printmaking from Gray’s School of Art,  Aberdeen, Scotland.
1984-present Member of Staff at the Glasgow Print Studio. Currently working primarily in mezzotint, digital printmaking, etching and painting as the Studio's Master Etcher.

Awards and elections

2006 Gillies Bequest Award (RSA) for research in Belfast.
  Elected Academician of the RSA (Royal Scottish Academy)
2004 Artist in residence, Belfast Print Workshop
  Invited artist British International Miniature Prints exhibition
2000 Award winner at the SSA (Society of Scottish Artists) annual exhibition
1996 Elected an associate of the RSA (Royal Scottish Academy)
  Exchange artists to the Jerusalem Print Workshop
1995 Elected Fellow of the RE (Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers)
  Elected professional member of the SSA (Society of Scottish Artists)
1992 Exchange artist to the Senej Print Workshop Moscow, Russia
1991 Elected associate of the RE (Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers)
1989 Award winner, Scottish drawing exhibition, Paisley Museum
  Award winner, 2nd Irish miniature print exhibition, Dublin
  Award winner, 1st British miniature print exhibition, Bristol (touring UK)
1987 Scottish Arts Council award to travel and study in Italy
1986 Award winner, 1st Irish miniature print exhibition, Dublin

Selected exhibitions 

2011 Invited artist, Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition, Edinburgh. 
2010 Pop goes the Easel, Glasgow Print Studio
2008 National Print Open, Mall Galleries, London
2007 Tabula Rasa - Solo exhibition, Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh
2006 New York - Glasgow Print Studio group exhibition
2005 London  - Royal Academy summer exhibition.
2004 Glasgow - Out of darkness (international mezzotints) Glasgow Print Studio Gallery I
2003 Seattle - Two international mezzotint artists, Davidson Galleries
  Edinburgh - Between paradise and the Abyss, solo exhibition, Leith School of Art
2002 London - National Print Open, Mall Galleries
2001 Glasgow - Sacred Science, solo exhibition Glasgow Print Studio
1999 India - Glasgow Print Studio in India, (Mumbai, Barroda Jaipuri, Madras, Hyderabad)
1998 Jerusalem - Dreaming of Jerusalem, solo exhibition, Gallery of the Jerusalem Print Workshop
1997 Glasgow - Dreaming of Jerusalem, solo exhibition, Glasgow Print Studio Gallery III
1995 London - National Print Open, Mall Galleries
  Glasgow - The Colour of ashes, solo exhibition, Glasgow Print Studio Gallery I
1993 Ukraine - International exhibition of graphic art, Kharkov Museum,
1991 Moscow - Contemporary Scottish Printmaking, USSR Union of Artists Hall,
  New York and touring USA - International miniature prints (also in 89 and 85)
1990 Bradford and London - 11th International Print Biennale
1989 Glasgow - Nostalgia, solo exhibition, Glasgow Print Studio Gallery
  Edinburgh - Laughter and Forgetting, solo exhibition, Scottish Gallery,
1988 Berlin - Ka  De We exhibition of Scottish Printmaking
1986 Los Angeles - International Contemporary Art Fair,
1985 Spain - International miniature prints Cadaques,

Stuart Duffin regularly lectures on his own work and Scottish printmaking to a wide range of arts groups. He regularly teaches specialist printmaking classes at the Glasgow Print Studio and at colleges and universities world wide. He has been a selector for many exhibitions and arts programs such as the National Print Open at the Mall in London, Glasgow City Council international exchange program and the Royal Scottish Academy.  He has work in many public and private collections including the BBC, Glasgow University, The Jerusalem Foundation, Kharkov Museum and in the USA, Canada, Japan, India, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the Middle East.