Glasgow Independent Studio

Mairi Lafferty - ABRACADABRA

Thu 29 Aug 2013


Mairi Lafferty 1-7 September 2013

ABRACADABRA - the magic word, a simple solution of apparently unsolvable phenomena was originally an incantation providing protection and healing powers. Synonymous with the Gnostic Abraxas, the word would be spoken while carved or written in line with it’s hebrew translation I create (A’bra) what (ca) I speak (dab’ra).

This body of work centers around a 8mm film shot in 2010 of the amulet being tattooed onto the arm of the subject. Using photography and printmaking, the exhibition plays with space, performance and interaction to code modern spells that mimic the repetition, structure and pattern of an ancient process. Together the work explores themes of language, translation, process and code across methods and mediums.

Preview: 7-9pm 31 August 2013 Open: 1-7 September 2013 (closed Monday) Throughout the exhibition the space will change. Please check back here for details and on Facebook:

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