Glasgow Independent Studio

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About the Project Room

A project space was created by the original studio committee as a way for outsiders to view their work. Since holding the first show in 1997, Glasgow Project Room (GPR) has retained a committment to the studio which supports it, while also widening its audience to host shows by young artists of Glasgow as well as Europe, Canada and America.

Where we're based

Situated in the T103 center, the space is used by artists to make and show work outside the public funded, more established and larger venues of the city. Resulting in a challenging and diverse programme of experimental shows, organized by invited artists, curators and its own committee.

With shows such as Mountain Madness, Museum Magogo, VIVRE SA VIE, collaborations with other venues e.g. Tramway, Out of the Blue and many international connections, The Glasgow Project Room provides a central role and brings essential dialogue to the contemporary art scene of Scotland.

Submit a proposal for a show

Proposals are considered and programmed on a regular basis by the committee and are rarely scheduled more than 3 months in advance, allowing flexibility and response to new material. Exhibitions mostly run for one week only, with one week installation in advance. Private views, attended by many members of the local art community are held and often co-incide with other nearby venues.

GPR has no direct funding, therefore artists and curators are expected to fund their own shows.

Artists! Curators are also responsible for invigilating their own shows and returning the space to the its original condition after finishing exhibitions.

To submit a proposal, post approximately 6 images (or whatever is appropriate), a C.V. and outline of intention for the space, to The Committee, Fourth Floor, 103 Trongate, Glasgow G1 5HD. We meet to programme every 3 months, so please be aware that it could be this long before you receive a reply. If you have any further enquiries you are welcome to email us or telephone on 0141 552 1472.