Glasgow Independent Studio

Thomas Cameron

Cameron works with images of the seemingly ordinary, places and situations that are often overlooked due to their familiarity. Working with a wide range of reference materials and subjects. His recent work has focused on paintings of interiors, urban scenes or simple holiday snapshots. In these a momentary expression or a glow of sunlight imbue the works with an unexpected grandeur.

A keen sense of narrative and cinematic imagery inform Cameron’s approach and lend an element of mystery and intrigue, inviting the viewer to question why this image was selected, what the story is behind it and around this moment in time, whilst simultaneously evoking their own shared narratives, memories and imagination.

‚ÄčThe materiality of oil paint is an inherent aspect of the work; the tactile quality and versatility of the medium lends itself to subtle lighting effects and realism. These slowly resolved paintings represent a balance between the controlled nature of oil paint whilst allowing its scope for chance and spontaneity during the painting process, and the careful selection of imagery alongside the happenstance, often surprising quality of a snapshot.


"Thomas Cameron presents snapshots of life with dramatic, thoughtful and colourful panache. It’s not about size and spectacle; it’s about an intimate look through his worldview and with a wide colour palette to assist." — Rhys Fullerton