Glasgow Independent Studio


Artist Statement


I am an artist. It’s who and what I am. I fumble and fall and get up, I fumble and fall and get up. I love challenging myself, being experimental and following my gut. Being able to create and exhibit/perform my work is important to me.


My practice has included Sculpture, site specific/ installation, mixed media, drawing and photography which has varied in size: from small hand sized to larger scale works. The recurrent themes in my work are boundaries/thresholds, perception and the participation of the viewer. It is often experimental in nature. I now want to include and develop performance in my practice.


For 20 years I have suffered from severe illness and disability. Isolated.  I feel like I am coming back into the world; beginning anew. For 7 years during this time I was bedbound. At my worst I was unable to chew, write or draw. Communication was very, very difficult, limited due to slow cognitive functioning. Throughout this time, I never stopped creating in my head. It helped me to survive. When able, I drew and later as I progressed, I began gathering items normally thrown away and which I had access to: chewing gum, hair, dust and used matchsticks. These I have now use to make artworks. My experiences of being ill, disabled and now middle aged are influencing my work.


Having improved significantly, I have divorced and moved to Glasgow, the city of my birth.


Currently I am experimenting with the gathered materials, looking at artists who used the personal in their performances, human detritus, as well as the exploring those that examine the juncture between art and performance. I am also attending dance, drama classes and joined a choir.






Title: ECHO
Medium: Dust, paper, ink, P.V.A banner, glass
Dimensions: 20x20x60 cm
Year: 2015
Price: £3000
Collection: MAC
Commissioned by: MAC
Description: ECHO Echo is a time capsule, capturing traces of a day in the life of Glasgow Independent Studio. The thresholds of the studio are at the juncture of the old and new building at Trongate 103, echoing past and current members, who will participate in 20th anniversary exhibition. This transitional space of old and new, public and private, known and the unknown, echoes the liminality of making art and of the 20 exhibition itself. Echo has been created specifically for Glasgow Independent Studio's 20th Anniversary Exhibition. The piece is a performance, co-created and a site and time specific installation sculpture. Process Friday the 23rd of October 2015 Dressed in black from head to toe, with only minimal skin exposed, I placed strips of material on the two thresholds of GIS for one day. This day was unannounced. During the 24hr period, from midnight to midnight, members entered and exited the studio. As members and their guests walk over the threshold they inadvertently or chose- if they noticed it- to participate or not by leaving a trace of their footprint, bike, trolley etc. on the material placed on the floor and by signing the in and out book at the studio. At the close of the day, dressed in black, I collected the banner and the days sign in/out page. These were placed in a 20cm glass cube, which was subsequently sealed. Thursday the 5th of November 2015 At 6pm at the opening of the exhibition's preview, I will, dressed in black, bring the sealed cube from outside of Trongate 103 and in through its threshold, walking in straight lines. Then, balance it onto an open glass cube, which in turn is balanced on top of a smaller glass cube. These three cubes rest on a white plinth. On each subsequent Thursday at 6, throughout the duration of the exhibition, I will rotate the cube and rebalance it. Balancing it each time, on one of its seven renaming corners. Medium Echo is made with Glass, a P.V.A banner, paper, pen, glue and dust. Photography Colour: MAC B/W: Pearl Kinnear Video: Peter Murrey Thanks With much thanks to Andrew, Elaine, Hugh, Jess, Pearl, Penny, Peter, Simon and Wilson Glaziers for there help and support. MAC 2015
Duration: 8 weeks and 1 day