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Wed 19 Feb 2014


Opening February 22nd 6 - 9pm. Open February 23rd 12 am - 5pm.

Statistically speaking, there are disappointing prospects for art students. Even from the best art schools in the country. Ten years after graduating only very few of the former students stay committed to making art. On the other hand, the diversity and creativity that comes from 4 years of art school may enrich an entire life.

The year of 2003 produced artists, musicians, gallerists and many more. Glasgow Project Room are housing a bundle of them for a group show, visualising how a decade has shaped their art forms. Furthermore, Decade is a celebration and a reunion of a group held together only by some years in some buildings on Garnet Hill in Glasgow. The show will assemble and research the expansion of individual practices, both in content and form, as well as forming a measurement of time and place.
Most welcome!

Participating Artists:

Julie Lillelien Porter, Elaine Woo MacGregor, Laurence Elliott, Tim Facey, Jim Colquhoun, Jim Ramsay, Kevin Pollock, Jonny Shaw, Christina Reenberg Jensen, Zoe Dowlen, Eleanor Rogers, Jean Saunders Duffin, Martin Clark, Bobby Niven, Beinn Watson,  Celine Mcilmunn, Jaime McNeill, Oran Wishart, Michael Wurstbauer, Ella Du Cane, Jim Dixon, Vicki Fleck, Celia Hempton, Kate Jo, Mimi Jetzer, Bob Hardy, Per Simonsen, Kristian Körner, Johanna Björkqvist, Leicy Olsborn Björby, Jakob Anckarsvärd, Victoria Skogsberg, Joanna Thede and more…

Exhibitions by year

Exhibitions by year

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