Glasgow Independent Studio

Making Voice - Kirsty Stansfield

Wed 21 Jan 2015


Saturday 24 January 2015, 2-5 pm, Opening Event, 2-4 pm Friday 30 & Saturday 31, 1-5 pm

This exhibition of current work-in-progress explores the physiological act of voicing sound within the body.

The voice represents far more than what is said. How something is said, the cracks, pauses, stutters and gasps perform the body in ways that are often unconscious but which can tells us something about the wider context of the body. This quality of the voice reveals and lays bare information about ourselves that is often hidden and barely acknowledged in our daily lives and how we communicate with each other.

I am interested in the idea of the voice being an object like any other in space. The works on display identify and visually explore some of the components
that make voice within the body. In this exhibition the voice itself is audibly and materially absent. Instead a visual language of sculptural objects, watercolour and embroidery are used to map out or attempt to isolate elements, and to disentangle the visceral density of the anatomical interior body. 

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