Glasgow Independent Studio

Call For Proposals

Sat 31 Jan 2015

Dear People,

Glasgow Project Room are looking for proposals for their forthcoming programme.

Please submit your project proposal as a hard copy or disc. You may submit via email but our mailbox has limited capacity and we can not guarantee we'll receive it.

Applicants should note that we prefer project proposals and not proposals for exhibitions of existing works.

All proposals should be submitted by Saturday 28th February 2015.

Thank you and good luck,

The committee.

Exhibitions by year

Exhibitions by year

About the Project Room

A project space for artists. Read more about the Project Room.

Submit a Proposal

Send us approximately six examples of your work on slides or CD, along with a CV and outline of intention for the space to

We meet to programme every 3 months, so please be aware that it could be this long before you receive a reply. If you have any further enquiries you are welcome to contact us or telephone on 0141 552 1472.