Glasgow Independent Studio

GIS members show

Sat 13 Dec 2003

Maurice Doherty & Martin Wohrl

Sat 29 Nov 2003

New Work by Maurice Doherty & Martin Wohrl.

Neil Bickerton

Sat 1 Nov 2003

New Work by Neil Bickerton.

Switch Space Project

Sat 11 Oct 2003

Switch Space Project. An exhibition by John Mullan and Julia Schnabel.

Apocalypse Now And Again

Sat 27 Sep 2003

Apocalypse Now And Again. An exhibition by Brendan Hessle, Will Holt & Dan Miller.

Recording Angels

Sat 5 Jul 2003

Recording Angels by Calum Stirling.

Thunder In Paradise

Sat 24 May 2003

Craig Coulthard, Tommy Grace & David McLean.

Fred Pedersen

Sat 12 Apr 2003

New Work by Fred Pedersen.

Ursula Nistrup, Carina Zunino & Tulle Ruth

Sat 29 Mar 2003

New Work by Ursula Nistrup, Carina Zunino & Tulle Ruth.

Nathalie De Briey

Sat 1 Mar 2003

New Work from Nathalie De Briey.

Janet McRorie, Jenny Temple & Sam Fraser

Sat 1 Feb 2003

New Work from Janet McRorie, Jenny Temple & Sam Fraser.

Lawrence Figgis

Tue 14 Jan 2003

Lawrence Figgis - New Work.

Exhibitions by year

Exhibitions by year

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