Glasgow Independent Studio

Studio Members' Show

Sat 10 Dec 2005

Studio Members' Show.

Rob Churm & Jaimie Grier

Sat 26 Nov 2005

Rob Churm & Jaimie Grier.

Open Eye Club

Sat 5 Nov 2005

Premier. Screening Curated by Karen Cunningham & Leonora Hennessy.

Charlie Hammond

Sat 8 Oct 2005

Charlie Hammond.

Leonora Hennessy

Sat 17 Sep 2005

Leonora Hennessy.

Feral Lingerie Model

Sat 3 Sep 2005

Solo show by Kirsty Whiten.

Ally Wallace

Sat 23 Jul 2005

Ally Wallace

David Sherry & Riley McFerrin

Sat 9 Jul 2005

David Sherry & Riley McFerrin


Sat 25 Jun 2005

Group Show Curated by Tom Humphreys of Flacca, Hackney.

Jennifer Douglas

Sat 21 May 2005

Jennifer Douglas.

Jakob Akarsvard

Sat 7 May 2005

Jakob Akarsvard

Jenny Hogarth, Kim Coleman and Babak Ghazi

Sat 23 Apr 2005

Jenny Hogarth, Kim Coleman and Babak Ghazi.

Lucille Desamory & Kevin Blechdom with Rude Pravo

Sat 9 Apr 2005

Lucille Desamory & Kevin Blechdom with Rude Pravo.

Alex Wolff & Christian Mayer

Sat 26 Mar 2005

Alex Wolff & Christian Mayer.

Uncle Chop Chop Vol II

Sat 5 Mar 2005

Book Launch of Second Volume of Apocalyptic Ravings Compiled by John Beagles & Graham Ramsay.

Duncan of Jordanston Students

Sat 12 Feb 2005

Duncan of Jordanston Students

Lisa Gallacher & Christy Cole

Sat 29 Jan 2005

Lisa Gallacher & Christy Cole.

Karen Cunningham

Sat 15 Jan 2005

Karen Cunningham.

Exhibitions by year

Exhibitions by year

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