Glasgow Independent Studio

Christmas Bonus

Sat 13 Dec 2008

Christmas Bonus - Independent Studio Members.

Simon Says

Part Lost Objects

Sat 29 Nov 2008

Part Lost Objects, an exhibition by James McLardy.

Part Lost Objects 1

Part Lost Objects 2

Tian Miller & Maria Doyle

Sat 15 Nov 2008

New work from Tian Miller & Maria Doyle.

Tian Miller & Maria Doyle 1

Tian Miller & Maria Doyle 2

Tian Miller & Maria Doyle 3

Tian Miller & Maria Doyle 4

Tian Miller & Maria Doyle 5

Sybille Schmidt 1948 - 1989

Thu 6 Nov 2008

Sybille Schmidt 1948 - 1989, an exhibition by Anna Mields.

Brian Love

Sat 18 Oct 2008

New Work by Brian Love.


Sat 4 Oct 2008

Waldmeister, an exhibition by Michael Hill Johnston.

Waldmeister 1

Waldmeister 2

Waldmeister 3


Gross Family Tree

Cross-Eyed And Painless

Thu 12 Jun 2008

Cross-Eyed And Painless, an exhibition from George Gray.

Sara Barker

Sat 17 May 2008

New Work from Sara Barker.

From Crystal Into Smoke

Sat 3 May 2008

From Crystal Into Smoke, an exhibition from Kate Temple, Katy Wilson & Greg Sinclair.

From Crystal Into Smoke 1

From Crystal Into Smoke 2

From Crystal Into Smoke 3

From Crystal Into Smoke 4

From Crystal Into Smoke 5

Glasgow International

Fri 11 Apr 2008

Glasgow International, an exhibition by Karen Cunningham, Babak Ghazi and Luca Frei.

Glasgow International 1

Glasgow International 2

Glasgow International 3

Glasgow International 4

Interiority Complex: The White Veranda

Fri 28 Mar 2008

Interiority Complex: The White Veranda, an exhibition by Katie Orton.

Interiority Complex: The White Veranda 4

Interiority Complex: The White Veranda 1

Interiority Complex: The White Veranda 2

Interiority Complex: The White Veranda 3

Interiority Complex: The White Veranda 5

Interiority Complex: The White Veranda 6

Black Aspirin

Sat 15 Mar 2008

Black Aspirin 1

Black Aspirin 2

Black Aspirin 3

Black Aspirin 4

Black Aspirin 5

Moldenke Fiddles On

Sat 1 Mar 2008

Moldenke Fiddles On, and exhibition by Mick Peter.

Moldenke Fiddles On 1

Moldenke Fiddles On 2

Moldenke Fiddles On 3

Moldenke Fiddles On 4

Caked On

Sat 16 Feb 2008

Caked On, an exhibition by Katie McGown and Mair Hughes.

At Our Hands

Sat 2 Feb 2008

At Our Hands 1

At Our Hands 2

At Our Hands 3

Laura Murray

Sat 19 Jan 2008

New Jewellery Preview Sat 19th January 7 - 9pm Open tues 22nd & Thurs 24th 2 - 4pm. Also by appointment: 07968749589.

Bristle Head piece

Knitted necklace

Ribbon Head piece

Exhibitions by year

Exhibitions by year

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