Glasgow Independent Studio

Hilara Chorica - Simon Shaw

Wed 23 Nov 2016

Hilara Chorica - Simon Shaw

Peaks - Sukaina Kubba and Natalie McGowan

Wed 9 Nov 2016

Sukaina Kubba and Natalie McGowan are pleased to invite you to the preview of PEAKS at the Glasgow Project Room on 12th November 2016, from 19:00 to 21:00. PEAKS is the second collaborative exhibition by the two Glasgow-based Artists this autumn, following Double-Blind at Intermedia at the CCA, Glasgow in September.  






Personalised Soft Furnishings

Hospitality Art

Brand New Agreeable Design *

Passable as Fakes

House Flowers

Optional: Audio for efficient relaxation 


* Habitable (but not domestic)









First Floor / 103 Trongate / Glasgow / G1 5HD


Preview /12 November / 19:00 to 21:00

Opening Hours /16 to 19 November / 12:00 to 17:00




- PEAKS Poster

- Natalie McGowan, 'Cactus' 2016, digital print on photographic paper

Junge Wilde - Jedrzej Cichosz

Mon 26 Sep 2016

Settlement - James Winnett

Fri 16 Sep 2016

HI-VIS LO-VIS - Charlie Hammond

Tue 30 Aug 2016

Charlie Hammond

Glasgow Project Room 

103 Trongate. Glasgow. G15HD

Preview - Saturday 3rd September. 7pm-9pm

7th - 10th September . Daily 12.30pm- 6pm.

TEST - Madeleine Virginia Brown and Philippe Murphy

Thu 4 Aug 2016



Preview: 6th August 7-9pm


Opening times:

Sunday 7th: 12-5pm

Closed Monday 8th

Tuesday 9th - Saturday 13th: 10am-5pm


A collaboration between Madeleine Virginia Brown and Philippe Murphy.


With special thanks to Marie Liden, Natalie McGowan, and Ari Nielssen.

PINK NEON TURTLE - Stephen Hurrel

Tue 21 Jun 2016

3016 - Aniara Omann

Tue 26 Apr 2016

kind of grey - hirofumi suda

Sun 3 Apr 2016

Glasgow Project Room - Call for proposals

Wed 23 Mar 2016

Dear People,

Glasgow Project Room are looking for proposals for their forthcoming programme.

Please submit your project proposal as a hard copy or disc or something. You may submit via email but our mailbox has limited capacity and we can not guarantee we'll receive it.

Applicants should note that we prefer project proposals and not proposals for exhibitions of existing works.

All proposals should be submitted by Saturday 30th April 2016.

Thank you and good luck,

The Committee.

UMPIRE UMPIRE - Claire Shallcross

Thu 17 Mar 2016

The Polity of Φ - Deniz Uster and Alberta Whittle

Fri 4 Mar 2016

The Polity of Φ is a year-long community-led research project encouraging an open dialogue into the right to inhabit specific geographies, creating a platform for migrants, asylum seekers and refugees to interrogate personal notions of “home”. These ideas of “home” and “belonging” are often challenged by the damaging discourse of right wing politics and the extended difficulties encountered by those applying for visas to reside in the UK.

This project will culminate in its presentation at Glasgow Project Room in Trongate 103, during the “Declaration” Health and Human Rights Festival, taking place 5th – 12th March 2016 and at the Intermedia Gallery at the CCA during 7th-25th April as part of Glasgow International (GI). 


On the evening of 5th March, between 6-9pm, we will be hosting The Polity of Φ: The Call, an event similar to Speakers Corner, where participants speak freely at the ‘Φ podium’ at the Glasgow Project Room. This free event is an opportunity to become part of the growing conversations about exactly who is welcome in Scotland.  


Confirmed speakers include the Glasgow Girl Amal Azzudin; activists, Pinar Aksu, Fuad Alakbarov, Joshua Brown, Olivia Ndoti, Margaret Woods from Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees, Margaret Sweeney from Glasgow Night Shelter, as well as individuals directly on the frontline, who have arrived in Scotland as refugees and asylum seekers. 


The Polity of Φ has been coordinated by Deniz Uster and Alberta Whittle, working in partnership with Maryhill Integration Network (MIN), Govan and Craigton Integration Network (GCIN), Pan African Art Scotland and has been generously supported by Creative Scotland, Glasgow City Council, the Art Store, Glasgow Project Room and the CCA.


For further information, contact Deniz Uster at or Alberta Whittle at

S U P E R N O V I A - Conor Baird, Lo Buddy and Ross Fleming

Fri 19 Feb 2016

S U P E R N O V I A 


With a diseased imagination Conor Baird, Lo Buddy and Ross Fleming exhibit new works that envisage indulgent topias through concocted and autonomous memento mori. 


These detached worlds are the fated, yet altered futures of the artists. The affected personas that fill them become constrained and initiate a mourning exercise for their sexual and intellectual losses. An aspirational river of metal is forged in their own image. 


The present is interrogated, whether its plausible queerness is palatable or if a lone bliss rests in a dismissed destiny ahead. A new horizon may soon approach but demise is certain.


▷ Preview: 20 February 6-9pm


▷ Open daily: 21-27 February 12-5pm


▷ Glasgow Project Room, Trongate 103

DUAL HABIT - a performance by Alice Brooke and Beatrice Loft Schulz

Sat 6 Feb 2016


a performance by

Alice Brooke and Beatrice Loft Schulz

Performances will take place on

Monday 8th, 11am

Wednesday 10th, 11am

Friday 12th, 11am

Saturday 13th, 12pm

Sunday 14th, 12pm


The performance will begin on the hour and last for approximately half an hour. 


Glasgow Project Room

First Floor

103 Trongate

G1 5HD


Wed 20 Jan 2016











JANUARY 23-29, DAILY (EXCEPT SUNDAY & MONDAY) 1-5pm or by appointment.




With You Without You is a collaborative project. It circles around ideas about adornment and sculpture, and the blurring of boundaries between the two. 


Sculpture as jewellery. Jewellery as sculpture. Objects seen in a space and to be imagined on the body. A collage of fine art principles, the use of space, traditional craft techniques (sewing, embroidery and goldsmith) and the idea of adornment. 


Helen is a maker of jewellery and lives in Copenhagen, Hrafnhildur (Rafla) makes sculptural installations and lives in Glasgow. They have embarked on a collaboration of sorts, apart and together, through an exchange of materials and a fusing of their half-made works and the project will culminate in a week of working together in the Glasgow Project Room.


Since meeting on a plane in 1998, they last collaborated on shows in Copenhagen and Glasgow in 2002.

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Exhibitions by year

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