Glasgow Independent Studio

Saturday Safari - Elke Finkenauer

Fri 23 Jun 2017

in residence - Sophie Macpherson

Sun 28 May 2017

Dividing Time - Daisy Richardson

Fri 12 May 2017


Thu 13 Apr 2017

crash n’ burn - Toby Messenger & James Connor Brown

Thu 16 Feb 2017

From: Toby messenger < ************>
Sent: 03 February 2017 10:18
To: james brown <.............. etc>
Subject: Re: Stuff all that. How about this. Bit like the texts.
how about this:


Jim likes the consensus, I m ' all arty ' ( formal? ). He used to say I was part of the Bloomsberry Set. What I thought about him- well that isn't even printable. I have hair! he has less... he s older & I m ageing. Rauschenberg/ Matisse. Rock/techno... But here we are, together in one space, united by an interest in cardboard. Hallelujah! it s all been done before, it ll all be done again. It should be this, it should be that, wear a straw hat. Harrumph... What is left is a trace of where we have been, and indication of where we may go..  


oh I don t know…

From: james brown <.............. etc>
Sent: 03 February 2017 11:18
To: Toby messenger < ************>
Subject: Re: Re: Stuff all that. How about this. Bit like the texts.

I like this one more . all that crap about allusions to running might be ok for you but these days i couldnt run a bath .the lack of hair reference is sadly true, im not into rock im into wierd popjazz.bloomsberry group was a polite way of saying you were all inbred upper class wankers. truth is though, we do have more in common than we let on, but we should play on the fact people still cant believe were having a show together and use that to our advantage. ART IS THE PVA GLUE THAT HOLDS US TOGETHER.





toby messenger & james connor brown


crash n’ burn      




glasgow project room, preview Saturday 18th February 7pm – 9pm


opening times 19th – 26th feb, 11am – 5pm 

Alistair Dearie, Shireen Taylor & Sally Wright

Thu 2 Feb 2017

Alistair Dearie

Shireen Taylor

Sally Wright.


Glasgow Project Room

5th - 13th February 2017, 12-5pm Tuesday - Sunday

Opening: Saturday 4th February 7-9pm



The three artists present new work developed through a number of conversations. On the one hand, a fascination with the traditionalisms of still life and it’s associated craft, on the other, an embodiment of personal narrative that can be revealed or obscured at will.


Notions of decorative styles and psychological states inform the work in the exhibition, drawing inspiration from spiritualist practices, textile design and the activities of the Bloomsbury Set at Charleston House.


Alistair Dearie is a potter and sculptor, engaging a range of interests including fashion, ornamental gardening, queer history and ecology.


Sally Wright is a painter based in Devon, England.  Working across traditional and digital mediums, her works allude to hidden narratives through the use of traditional forms, song lyrics and alter ego.


Shireen Taylor is a visual artist who works primarily in drawing. Her work is concerned with depictions of the ephemeral through a stylised approach to drawing and surface.

Glint - Elizabeth Hudson

Wed 18 Jan 2017

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Exhibitions by year

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